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180 min
50.500 HUF
You can buy a gift certificate online through the PayPal system, having previously selected the amount.

Please note that paying for a gift certificate does not reserve a date for your visit. The certificate is valid for 5 months from the date of purchase, and during this time you or the recipient can book a visit date through our website or by calling any of our contact numbers.

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Indulge in the pleasure and enjoy excellent spa program “Bali – a heavenly delight.” This is a comprehensive approach to beauty and health, body and soul.

The program includes a 90-minute seaweed or chocolate scrub and mask (at your request), a wonderful 60-minute Balinese oil massage, and at the end there is a 30 minute facial massage with bio-cream (Dr. Spiller).

Complimentary! We offer our guests a 15-20 minutes relaxing Thai head massage during body wraps procedure.


Relax and enjoy the warmth and bliss, as long as your skin gets rid of toxins and regains elasticity and youthfulness.


The duration of the procedure is 3 hours:


  • 30-45 minutes – Scrub from Thailand which includes only natural ingredients (“chocolate” or “seaweed”, according to your choice).
  • 30-45 minutes – Mask from Thailand which includes only natural ingredients (“chocolate” or “seaweed”, according to your choice) and wrap + complimentary 15-20 minutes relaxing Thai head massage.
  • 60 minutes – Balinese oil massage.
  • 30 minutes – Facial massage with bio-cream.

After the massage, the traditional tea drinking of your choice of several elite sorts Chinese tea with chocolate.


Spa package price is 59.200 Ft. with discount 50.500 Ft. (savings of 8,700 Ft.)


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