5 Elements Balinese Day Spa

Best massage therapists from Bali island and India.

Our Services

From the Spa menu we offer our guests more than 45 kinds of amazing health and medical massage techniques and Spa treatments from around the world performed by highly skilled professionals from Bali island and India.

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Massage is a very nice and useful procedure, and therefore from time to time is shown to everyone: adults and children, athletes and people leading a passive lifestyle …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Best vacation – this is the holiday that you can share for two. A romantic vacation which is useful to all newlyweds and lovers at any stage of their relationships …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Bath ablutions and general temperature effects, especially thermal, is a wonderful means of disease prevention, restoration of working capacity and good cheer of the body …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


The desire to look attractive accompanies a person throughout his or her life. We offer facial treatments using natural cosmetics by experienced Thai specialists …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Massage is useful for everybody at any age (if there are no restrictions because of health reasons). Baby massage is especially important for children …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Scrub and mask – This is a basic and very effective body care, that’s where real body care begins. Due to peeling, scrubbing and cleansing  the skin cells are renewed, the skin is cleaned of dead skin …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Many of us, at least once in life, dreaming of how to lose weight without exercise, restrictions in daily food, and, in general, without any discomfort …

5 Elements Balinese Day Spa


Today Spa treatment program is known as a set of procedures and of course the use of any water and its components: mineral, marine, freshwater, seaweed, salt, mud and medicinal plants …

About our Balinese Day Spa

The high – class designed 5 Elements Balinese Day Spa is located in the historic part of Buda area, near the promenade of the River Danube and situated in close proximity to the Metro line 2 (Batthyány tér stop). Our Balinese „wizards” work with comprehensive experiences from the best spa resorts from the “Island of the Gods.” From the menu card we offer our guests a large selection of exclusive massages, Spa programs and Spa rituals in a luxurious oriental atmosphere with relaxing music and sensitive hands of our masters, that carry them away from the bustle of the city. Our complete service will help to gain strength after a hard day’s work or a tiring trip. Balinese Spa Salon 5 Elements is especially comfortable for long-Spa programs for one guest or for a romantic spa program from “FOR COUPLE”. In one of the rooms it is possible to take a shower without having to leave the room, which is convenient for carrying out the procedures, after which the shower is required. Also in the salon there is a nice Finnish sauna for 2-3 guests. In close proximity to our salon there are comfortable parking.

Everyone knows that the original is always better than a copy, and if you decide to get acquainted with Eastern culture, traditional healing, it is the best to return to the original roots. Our “5 Elements Balinese Day Spa” employees are highly qualified therapists from the Bali and Java islands and India.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Nem számít, milyen hangulatom van, és amikor belépek a Holisztikus Központba, megváltoztatom, és a világ legboldogabb embere lettem! Nagyon köszönöm, hogy itt voltál nekünk! Legjobb Központ valaha !!!

Jorge Gardner
Jorge GardnerJóga oktató

A második új otthonom !!! Imádja és nem élhet nélküle !!! Minden nap fantasztikus események vannak a központban, mint például a különféle típusú jóga, elképesztő mély meditációk !!!

Jacqueline Dunn
Jacqueline DunnYogi, wellness edző

Ajánlom a gyakorlókat és az ügyfelek Holisztikus Központját a következő gyógyító ülésén vagy tanítási ülésén. Nagyszerű emberek, akikkel együtt dolgozhatnak, és a központ jó energiát birtokol.

Evelyn Hopkins
Evelyn HopkinsÍró, művész, tanár