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Probably many of us have already heard about the miraculous effects of Panchakarma. Panchakarma is a complex program of effective body cleansing, elimination of toxins at the cellular level. Panchakarma procedures, included in the purification program, remove harmful toxins, poisons and toxins from the entire body, improve microcirculation, and help restore body cells and rejuvenate body tissues. The effectiveness of this purification system has been known since ancient times, but scientific research was carried out only in 2002. Scientists from the USA, Japan, England and of course India have studied and compared the blood counts of patients before and after undergoing Panchakarma. As a result of studies, it was proved that the level of toxins in the blood of the subjects decreased by an average of 60%. Healing oils and herbal infusions convert toxins into a water-soluble form, which greatly facilitates their natural elimination from the body.

Besides the cleansing effect, Panchakarma also has an impressive therapeutic effect. This complex of procedures will help with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, joints and spine, with allergies, gynecological diseases and many other health problems.


Translated from Sanskrit, “Panchakarma” is “five actions” or “five processes” of which Panchakarma procedures consist and have not changed since ancient times.

From the beginning, preparatory procedures are carried out: oiling (SPAN) and steaming with massage (SWED). Then cleansing can include several processes: Vaman emetic therapy (prescribed in rare cases), Virechana laxative cleansing, Vasti complex of enemas of herbal decoctions and oils, Nastya nasal cleansing, Rakta-Moksha bloodletting (in is practically not used in modern practice).

The Panchakarma course takes from two weeks to a month.

It must be understood that Panchakarma is always an individual approach to each client, and even if standard programs are used, our doctor selects a special unique composition of oils for each patient in accordance with the type of constitution, health condition and dosha balance.