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About Us

Everyone knows that the original is always better than a copy, and if you decide to get acquainted with Eastern culture, traditional healing, it is the best to return to the original roots. In the salon “5 Elements” we work with massage experts from the Kingdom of Thailand, also the islands of Bali and India (Kerala).

Entering into one of our SPA salons, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of hospitality. Melodious music, Eastern flavors, flickering candles, tea ceremony and wonderful beauty and healthcare rituals will carry you away from the urban bustle to the paradise, where everything is for you and for your sake. The cozy atmosphere in every room, complete isolation from the outside world, and the sensitive hands of professional masseuses will help you to forget about your problems for a while. After the massage, a cup of special chinese tea, will inflow vitality and positive emotions into your body and mind.

Treatment by Western methods does not give the expected result? You might have seen that traditional Western medical systems are often “one treat, another maimed”. Then it makes sense to come to us.

Disease is a “failure” of the “biological mechanism” and it is needed to be “fixed”. In oriental medicine diseases are different. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine not only cures the disease itself, it considers that disruption is in the complex, so restores energy balance and awakens the inner potential of the body to cure itself.

In our salon, 5 Elements, a doctor of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Nellomkuzhiyil Shijil is waiting for those who want to heal. Dr. Nellomkuzhiyil Shijil uses the best methods of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and helps you to restore and improve your health, reduce stress and tension, achieve harmony with yourself and the world. He has received a qualification of a doctor of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and had 5 years of experience in the health centers of India.

Feature of traditional Ayurvedic medicine is an individual approach to each patient with the development of a special medical program. She treats the person, not the disease. The advantage of Ayurvedic medicine is the identification and prevention of major diseases, without side effects and complications.

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