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THAI SPA SALON - Weight Loss Programs

It’s so nice to relax and think about the meaning of life, while someone else is engaged in work and in the end your extra pounds disappear easily. Is it possible? In part, yes, but we should still not forget about some of the physical work and low-calorie diet. You can quickly lose weight, drop pounds and has some change in shape.


Many people believe that during a session of slimming massage, the therapist  break fat deposits and cellulite with her strong arms just like a hammer. But this is just a misconception. The main effect of weight loss programs is achieved through direct action on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This type of massage improves blood circulation in the problem areas, as a consequence, speeds up the metabolism, and this is just a positive impact on the fight against body fat, so you lose unwanted pounds with the help of massage. In addition, by weight loss programs we use special massage oils and creams, cooked according to ancient recipes that greatly enhance this effect. It is a well known fact that the vegetable oil is the only substance that penetrates the cell membrane into the cell itself, perfectly binds and removes toxins from the body.


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