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AYURDVEDIC DAY SPA - Body treatments

Scrub (pilling) – This is a basic and very effective body treatments, that’s where real body care begins, due to peeling, scrubbing and cleansing the skin cells are renewed, the skin is cleaned of dead skin particles, polished and literally becomes like silk. Scrub also promotes detoxification! After using the scrub skin begins to breathe and it enables it’s to be satisfied and to reach the necessary quantity of oxygen.


The use of scrub prepares the skin for subsequent procedures, help to improve skin hydration and saturation useful and active substances contains in masks (wrap) and oils (for massage).

Do you want your body to stay young for a long time? It will help you with a scrub, to do more and your skin will be young and beautiful!

This body treatments will be very useful for your skin, and after the scrub, use a mask with wrapping.

Scrub is recommended before any kind of massage. The procedure takes about 45 minutes.

Mask with wrapping is a natural gift of the environment! Excellent way to moisturize and nourishing the skin with nutrients and minerals. Mask wrapping promotes correction, strengthening improve elasticity of the skin tissues. It has a good strengthening effect on the entire body and removes toxins from the body.

Do not forget to take advantage to pamper your skin with gorgeous masks from Bali, which contains only natural ingredients! A huge advantage of this mask is absorbing with the full force of nature!

Mask with wrapping – 45 minutes. Gift – a 10-minute head massage!


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