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Shiatsu massage (the Japanese shiatsu from “Shi” – finger and “Atsu” – pressure), which restores human energy balance.

Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese massage technique, in which the therapist applies pressure with his thumbs, finger, and palms to specific areas of biologically active points of the client’s body. During massage, there is an alternation of soft relaxing movements, deep pressure on the acupuncture points, stretching, rotating and rhythmic “swinging”. Thanks to the original technique, this kind of stretching and rocking of the body causes that the joints, muscles and ligaments are getting more relaxed and stretched, so the massage can be used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as back pain or arthritis.

It also has an impact on the circulation of body fluids (blood, lymph, intracellular fluid), by stimulating the internal organs. Shiatsu therapy is also effective in the treatment of circulatory, respiratory and bowel diseases or in case of hormonal disorders. The ability to relax the body at a deep level and to work with the subtle energy aspects makes this method useful for the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and emotional instability.

In physiological terms, Shiatsu stimulates circulation in the patient blood and lymphatic fluid and this helps eliminating toxins, relieving deep muscle tension and stimulating the production of hormones. On a more subtle level Shiatsu allows a person to relax deeply and to feel every part of his/her body while cycling body’s ability to heal itself. Many types of massage are based on the satisfaction of the natural human need for touch. Shiatsu therapy is particularly effective, since it uses the effective ways of tactile impact.

Shiatsu massage can be conducted on a massage table, and on a mattress. As in the case of traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu performed without the use of oils and client is fully clothed in a special comfortable material made of natural fabrics. Due to this, patient feels less vulnerable and shy, and be able to enjoy the touch much better.

The history of the origin of this method is quite controversial and confusing. Many experts believe that Shiatsu is a modification of Chinese acupuncture, which uses methods of acupuncture and moxibustion of active points, so-called “Zhen-Chiu therapy“.

Shiatsu massage improves the circulation of energy in the human body. Energy recovery during the massage is done by exposure to certain body axis. The human body contains 12 meridians, which represent the basic functions of the human body. Pressing the meridians in a certain sequence can restore the freely flowing of energy. Moreover, Shiatsu is a method of gaining knowledge of the essence of this energy balance. Shiatsu was not able to become a full-fledged alternative medicine, but this type of massage is a powerful means of gaining spiritual harmony and that distinguishes it from other types of massages.

Both in Japan and in China Shiatsu is equal to the national heritage and is considered a source of harmony, beauty and youth. Not many people know that using Shiatsu can cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, and even problems with the cerebral circulation.

During a professional Shiatsu massage therapist always uses the same pressure points in each of the body parts. This is due to the fact that Shiatsu is designed not to cure disease, but mobilize the human body against a specific disease, and the body will chooses itself the method of treating. Why Shiatsu is designed to help the body to cope with the disease, but won’t get rid of it? Because, our body functions as a self-defense and that is actually shown in every second. For example if food enters the respiratory tract, the person starts to cough and the air flow pushes the food out. Or if mote enters the eye, it produces tears which wash out mote easily out of the eyes. Asian doctors know about the great power of the body’s self-defense, and in the case of illness before seeking medical attention, our body tries to cope with the disease from domestic reserves.


  • Shiatsu is better abstained in case of disorders of the normal blood clotting of the stomach.
  • Do not use Shiatsu to treat infectious diseases such as whooping cough, jaundice, dysentery, mumps and malaria. Absolutely contraindicated in the case of a patient simultaneously has lung, heart, kidney and liver problems.
  • You can not apply Shiatsu in case of cancer.
  • In the presence of acute abdominal pain and bone fractures.
  • It is required to consult your doctor before massage, when you have existing chronic diseases.


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