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270 min
61.900 HUF
You can buy a gift certificate online through the PayPal system, having previously selected the amount.

Please note that paying for a gift certificate does not reserve a date for your visit. The certificate is valid for 5 months from the date of purchase, and during this time you or the recipient can book a visit date through our website or by calling any of our contact numbers.

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Forget at least temporarily about everyday worries and problems. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of eastern hospitality and harmony with our new program, “The Legend of the East.”

The program includes a 90 minute Balinese scrub and mask with wrapping, 60 minute Abhyanga or Balinese oil massage, 30 minute Reflexology foot massage and 60 minute facial treatment, including a scrub, mask and massage with bio-cream (Dr. Spiller).

Complimentary! During the procedure of wraps we offer our guests a 15-25 minute Thai relaxing head massage.

Procedure of 4,5 hours is as follows:

  • 45 minutes – Scrub from Bali Island which includes only natural ingredients ((“Lulur”, “Green tea”, “Avocado”, “Boreh”, “Cafe”, … according to your choice).
  • 45 minutes – Mask from Bali Island which includes only natural ingredients (“chocolate” or “seaweed”, according to your choice) and wrap + complimentary 15-20 minutes relaxing Balinese head massage.
  • 60 minutes – Abhyanga or Balinese oil massage.
  • 15 minutes – a break with fresh fruits and green tea of your choice.
  • 30 minutes – Traditional Balinese foot massage.
  • 60 minutes – Facial: facial cleansing, scrub, mask, facial massage with biocream.

A gift from the Spa:

At the end of the spa program – with candlelight and the sound of melodic music, you can relax for another 30 minutes with a plate of fresh fruit, tea which you can choose from several elite varieties of Chinese tea and chocolate.


Spa package price 72.100 Ft. 61.900 Ft. (savings of 10,200 Ft.)


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