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Ayurvedic Day Spa

120 min
29.700 HUF
150 min
33.200 HUF
180 min
34.700 HUF
You can also buy a gift certificate online through the PayPal system, having previously selected the duration of the procedure.
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It is a comprehensive softening and soothing treatment, which includes a 90 minute scrub and mask from seaweed and relaxing Abhyanga or Balinese oil massage for 30, 60 or 90 minutes (up on you).

Complimentary! We offer our guests a 15-20 minutes relaxing head massage during body wraps procedure.

Enzymes of algae, being a great detoxifier, moisturize and tone the skin, promote the regeneration, improve the color, make skin tone better, even promote weight loss.

A gentle scrub with seaweed extract, shea butter fruit, jojoba and macadamia is very gently and thoroughly removes dead cells from the skin. Scrub does not dry the skin, but rather fills it with moisture, so it is effective care for dry and sensitive skin.

Wonderful mask by seaweed extract contains the same leaf extract aloe leaf extract Hamamelis Virginia (useful for varicose veins), kaolin, collagen.

Relax and enjoy the warmth and bliss until the skin gets rid of toxins and absorb what it needs from micro algae: ionized minerals, vitamins and enzymes.


Spa package includes the following procedures:

After the massage, the traditional tea drinking of your choice of several elite sorts Chinese tea with chocolate.

Spa package prices:

1. Duration 120 minute include 30 minute massage – 33.900 Ft. 29.700 Ft. (savings of 4,200 Ft.)

2. Duration 150 minute include 60 minute massage – 37.900 Ft. 33.200 Ft. (savings of 4,700 Ft.)

3. Duration 180 minute include 90 minute massage – 39.900 Ft. 34.700 Ft. (savings of 5,200 Ft.)


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120 min, 150 min, 180 min

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