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Tok Sen Massage – this ancient healing procedure is based on the therapeutic effects of Thai massage with tapping of the whole body with special hammer and a stick. Tok Sen can be called “Thai massage for gourmets.

According to legend, this massage more than 2500 years old. Sen translates as: Tok – the sound made by hitting a wooden object with another wooden object and Sen – energy lines that pass through the human body. The hammer and the wand are made of tamarind tree, struck and charged by lightning, and always blessed in the monastery.

Our bodies have numerous energy channels in which the “chi” flows. Traditional Thai and Chinese medicine maintains that a person is healthy only when “chi” flows without obstruction. In addition to the stagnation in the energy meridians, the main places of blocking the passage of energy in the body are the bunches (especially along the spine), where it is difficult being worked by conventional massage techniques. Tok Sen allows the master to reach the energy blocks with this painless technique by tapping wooden hammers and vibratory waves penetrate deep into the tissue.

Originated and developed the practice at the ancient Kingdom of Lana, this is now the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai). Therefore, you will not find this massage in the tourist areas of Thailand and especially not in Europe.

Tok Sen – is a unique, one of a kind massage and it’s therapeutic effect is recognized as the most effective massage in the world. This technique allows you to remove the blockage in the energy channels, activate the acupressure points and promote the normal flow of energy in the body, relax the clenched muscles of the body, mainly the ones that are impossible to reach with other massage techniques. Tok Sen massage has a resistant and proven therapeutic effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and some internal organs. Great stretch for the tendons and ligaments, “sets” them in place.

Massage is done, either in clothes that we also use for the traditional Thai massage, also can be done using massage oil.


  • Fatigue and lack of vitality;
  • Recovery from stress and heavy physical exertion;
  • Loosening and failure of the immune system;
  • Reduction of muscle tone;
  • Tok Sen perfectly aligns the body energy, removes blockages in the energy meridians;
  • Tok Sen cleanses the body of toxins and removes negative energy;
  • Tok Sen eliminates tension in the muscles and fascia;
  • Tok Sen eliminates the effects of stress and restores the mental state of a person;
  • Tok Sen is very good for headaches, neurasthenia, pain in the spine and joints;


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