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90 min
22.500 HUF
120 min
25.500 HUF
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This wonderful Spa treatment consists of several parts, and includes:

  • Soaking bubble bath for feet with a special Chinese medical powder and rose petals.
  • Back, shoulders, neck, arms, head and of course leg massage, which includes the upper leg too.
  • Scrub and mask.
  • Balinese foot massage with hot herbal ball.

How good, when your feet is still fresh, relaxed, you feel easy your legs and body. The “5 Elements” Foot massage – is a comprehensive spa treatment that results the escapeof the accumulated daily stress and leg pain, removes unpleasant blisters, relieves stress, and generally relaxing to the body and mind, increases good spirit, and gives you a better feeling. This SPA procedure consists of several parts. First, soaking foam bath for the leg, which is decorated with rose petals. In this bath, or rather, in a wooden tub we add the a special Chinese medical powder. During this pleasant and useful procedure we’re soakking your feet, while you get back, neck and shoulder massage. The next step is for the treatment of foot calluses, scrubs and mask pack, including the thigh too. And then, when the mask is “working” the master is giving  you a relaxing hand, head and face massage. The next step is the Balinese foot massage with herbal balls that have been steamed in the steam room. This massage gently warms and relaxes the muscles, start your metabolism and improves blood circulation in the tissues and wonderful Balinese herbal extracts saturate the body with micro and macro elements. This allows your body to be more resistant to disease, feel refreshed and full of energy. The massage is extremely relaxing,have a  pleasant warming effect, harmonizes the internal state, it relieves stress and allows you to achieve a deep relaxation. This is an exotic massage and aromatherapy at the same time, however, the grass scents penetrate the airways, clean the lungs and affects the entire body. Gives an excellent lighting effect – especially for those who live in big cities and smoke. The Herbal massage improves the function of all organs and systems in the body because they are not only have physical, but also an aromatherapic effect.

Finally, the last part is the Traditional Thai foot massage. It is also a very valuable procedure because our feet contains many biological point. It’s no secret that the legs, hands, and the two atria contain forecasts for all vital organs, so if any of these show functional changes, it will be reflected immediately in the leg. This massage is used to maintain the health of the whole body and very useful in many disease diagnosis and treatment. In the process of acupressure pain may also occur, indicating a lack of operation of these organizations, which are responsible for these parts of the foot, as well as the deposition of toxins. Thus, the body draws attention and ask for help. And we can provide that with the foot massage. If the projection area is stimulated, it increases blood flow in the body to induce it to work harder. A good foot massage is useful for everyone, even for perfectly healthy people as well. It stimulates the energy centers and helps the body to prevent many diseases and thus useful for the prevention of diseases.


There are no specific contraindications, only if there is a deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins and during pregnancy. An exception is contagious skin diseases, and of course, fungal lesions, osteoporosis, severe heart disease.  (In this case hot bathing is not recommended).  Foot massage is not recommended on an empty stomach or immediately after meals. Do not drink coffee or alcohol, spicy and piquant during the foot massage time. But green tea has a beneficial effect, which, of course, welcome to our guests during the massage.


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