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20 min
4.000 HUF
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Bashpa Sweda is a pleasant and therapeutic useful procedure. In Sanskrit, “Bashpa” means “steam,” and “Sweda” means “sweat”. In fact, it is a steam bath, but with one significant difference, that is in bhashpa sweda only the body is heated, whiles the head remains unexposed to heat. According to Ayurveda direct application of steam to eyes, head is not recommended. In addition, the steam used in Bashpa sweda is made from a special decoction of Ayurvedic herbs that have a beneficial effect on the body and overall well-being.

Outwardly, Bashpa looks like a wooden barrel or box in which the patient sits or lies, but at the same time, the head always remains outside the box. Herbal vapor is released into the chamber in accordance with the needs of the patient.

Bashpa is widely used in Ayurveda, as a separate procedure, and also in combination with massages or other medical procedures. In Ayurvedic practice, Bashpa is used to balance kapha and vata doshas. Bashpa has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps in the treatment of back pain, muscle pain and arthritis. Bashpa also liquefies toxins and removes them from the tissues of the body. After the procedure, the body gains lightness, and improves the skin tone .

After the procedure, it is recommended not to expose the body to a sharp change in temperature. You can take a warm (but not cold or hot) shower, drink warm tea and relax a bit.



  • Pregnancy;
  • Skin inflammatory disease;
  • During chemo therapy;
  • Bashpa is highly not recommended after consuming alcohol;
  • High or low blood pressure

The duration of the procedure is up to 30 minutes.


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