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30 min
11.900 HUF
45 min
13.900 HUF
60 min
15.900 HUF
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Kalari massage is definitely not a relaxing massage, and it is more correct to call it a healing procedure. Initially, Kalari massage was intended for the preparation and faster recovery of Kalaripayatta fighters. Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art distributed in the South Indian province of Kerala, and it originated 5,000 years ago.

Now Kalari is mainly used by athletes and is often referred to as Indian sports massage. After Kalari massage, the body acquires great stamina, flexibility and is recharged with energy. Kalari massage is useful for people beginning yoga, dancers, sportsmen/women, athletes and just people with large muscle mass, for whom a regular hand massage is not very effective. This massage is very helpful for joint pain, as it eliminates muscle clamps and simply improves the general condition of the body.


Kalari takes place in a special room with ropes attached to the ceiling, which the master uses to control pressure on the body and their balance. The main part of the procedure, is that the masseur uses their feet like palms, and without stepping on the body, makes long rubbing movements through the energy channels. In conclusion, the masseur holds a classic hand massage, for relaxation and unwinding. The massage is performed on the entire back of the body and includes massage of the back, arms and legs.

At first, foot massage seems unusual and even strange, but after patients try it, they usually start choosing this massage more often.


  • Heart Disease and Heart Failure
  • In high fever
  • Purulent inflammatory processes and skin diseases
  • Tumours
  • Inflammation of the lymph or blood vessels
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy
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