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60 min
20.500 HUF
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Oriental sages called this procedure “massage of the spirit” or a massage of the “third eye.” Shirodhara – Ayurvedic is an ancient procedure that is able to completely relax your brain and achieve deep relaxation. This procedure was practiced by not only Indian but also Tibetan healers and elders, which, thanks to the amazing power of this wellness ritual could maintain an excellent memory for decades. Shirodhara helps the nervous system and the brain to recover in the event of severe stress or recover from a strong nervous tension.


Shirodhara procedure in the “5 Elements Spa” holds only a master of Ayurvedic medicine from India, which has not only an excellent education, but also a great experience in Ayurveda hospitals in India and Europe. Shirodhara can be divided into several stages:

The procedure begins with an energetic head massage and special energy points (marmas) located on the scalp and on your face using a special Indian oil;

Then, already lying on the table, the master, for 45 minutes, continuously trickle pouring warm oil on the forehead in the region of the “third eye”, while massaging his forehead and head. After that, the massage movements master towel wipe excess oil from the scalp. Oil for this procedure is made on the basis of pure coconut oil with the addition of a complex mixture of therapeutic oils from India and this mixture is very useful for power and strengthen the hair. Therefore, it is recommended not to wash off the oil for 2-3 hours after the procedure. But of course this is not always possible and you can take a shower after the procedure, without leaving the room.

The whole procedure lasts 60 minutes with a head massage. In order to fix the effect of Sirodhara of such procedures is necessary to conduct a course of seven treatments.


The effect of the Shirodhara can amaze you. The procedure will force your brain to work as clearly and strongly as ever. In addition, Shirodhara also helps with sleep problems, will get rid of headaches and migraines, normalizes blood pressure, awakens creativity and gives a natural feeling of joy.