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Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage is one of the most ancient forms of massage (about 5000 years old). It was born in the Polynesian Islands. The name of this massage technique can be translated from the Hawaiian language as a “soft touch of velvet paws of a contented cat.”

For many centuries it was used by healers and elders of the clan. They were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of the mysteries of nature. This priceless knowledge carefully passed down from generation to generation. In their sacred practice master healers used prayer. It is believed that through their hands flows divine blessing.

This massage is used to cleanse, strengthen and heal. It is associated with traditional oriental concepts of body and spirit.

In Polynesia, Lomi-Lomi is used not only by healers, but also masters of the Hawaiian martial arts, Eastern Olohe lua. They traditionally use this technique as an effective restorative and tonic method. In Polynesian families was decided that the woman did Lomi-Lomi to her husband.

The main components of this healing practice are: prayer, cleansing salt, mental cleansing, breathing, massage, body practices, and work with energy. A healer carries the intention of love (Aloha). All these components are connected together, providing a unique healing effect.


Hawaiian oil massage relieves stress and panic attacks, reduces agitation and lethargy. It helps to improve memory and perception, and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, this technique helps to cope with any kind of pain. It improves the functionating of digestion and helps with asthma.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi completely repairs the human body on physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. This results an improved circulation. Whole body relaxes muscles and joints and they become more flexible.

In addition, this type of massage can enhance the perception and get rid of old emotions. The creative abilities increase. Thoughts will be clarified and positive.

It should be noted that this technique helps to improve immunity; the body’s defence is activated. Man becomes less susceptible to the negative effects of stress. The sensitivity of effects of allergens will be reduced.

One of the main tasks of this special massage is to include detection and remove of emotional blocks. You can identify these blockades on the hardness or softness of the muscles, flexibility or stiffness of the joints. They also point to the colour and rhythm of a patient’s breathing. The effect of this massage takes place simultaneously at all levels – physical, sensual and spiritual. Patient returns emotionally to a state of innocence. The body and the soul find harmony.


Lomi-Lomi is one of the most mysterious and unknown techniques of bodywork. Patient experiences great pleasure.

During the session, the therapist applies to the patient a lot of different techniques and there is no counterpart in any other massage techniques.

It is performed with warm heated oils.

Feature of Lomi-Lomi is that this is done on the whole body at once and not each part separately. During the massage primarily therapist use soft part of the hands before the elbow, forearm, palm, elbow area. The movement of masseur is resembled to dance and her hands glide over the body like waves.

It is important to conduct a massage in the correct sequence. Massage begins with the skin all over the body. After that, the masseur works on gradually subcutaneous adipose tissue. Then she begins to implement motion affecting the joints and muscles of the patient. Finally, she works on the internal organs of the chest and abdominal cavities.

It should be noted that the technique of Lomi Lomi massage affects the whole body completely. This ensures its high performance. A hawaiian oil massage usually lasts 1 – 1.5 -2 hours.


This massage is particularly indicated for people suffering from a lack of love, attention and tactile sensations. This technique helps to cope with depression, neuroses and stress. It allows patients to get rid of self-doubt, cures headaches. It is recommended also for those who have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, and hypertension. It helps in diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, you can return to the muscles and skin elasticity. This kind of lymphodrainage massage has powerful effect on the whole body.


This massage has some contraindications. You cannot use this technique during poisoning, acute infectious diseases, elevated temperature. It is contraindicated for cancer, diseases of the lymphatic system, fractures, swelling, ulcers, wounds and abscesses. You should not use Lomi-Lomi in old age, and children under the age of 5 years.


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