71.900 HUF


Balinese Day Spa

240 min
71.900 HUF
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The “East + East” wellness program for two will immerse you in a world of tranquility and relaxation. The comprehensive care based on the best traditions of the East, will carry you away to the east for 3.5 hour. Have a pleasant journey!

For him – A mysterious trip to India at our Spa. The balanced complex service will introduce you to India and to certain Indian massages that are performed by masters from India.

30 min. – Sauna (a gift from the spa)
60 min. – Balinese body scrub*
60 min. – Abhyanga massage with hot oil
30 min. – Indian head massage
30 min. – Indian foot massage

For her – Amazing journey at our Bali Spa. Bali is a paradise on earth that is probably why the word ”Bali“ means “The island of Gods” in the Indonesian language. A balanced set of departures will introduce you to Bali and several kinds of Balinese massages that are performed by masters from the island of Bali.

30 min. – Sauna (a gift from tha spa)
60 min. – Balinese body scrub*
60 min. – Balinese oil massage
30 min. – Facial massage with bio cream (Dr. Spiller – Germany) – Balinese style
30 min. – Balinese foot massage


A gift from the Spa:

At the end of the spa program – in a romantic atmosphere with candlelight and the sound of melodic music, you can enjoy each other’s company for 30 minutes with a plate of fresh fruit, two glasses of wine, tea which you can choose from several elite varieties of Chinese tea and with chocolate.


* This time also includes time to shower. The Balinese powder based scrubs made from natural plants and do not tend to contain colorings and preservatives.


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240 min

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