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350 min
154.600 HUF
You can buy a gift certificate online through the PayPal system, having previously selected the amount.

Please note that paying for a gift certificate does not reserve a date for your visit. The certificate is valid for 5 months from the date of purchase, and during this time you or the recipient can book a visit date through our website or by calling any of our contact numbers.

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This romantic couple program “Romantic rendezvous” is specially designed for couples and is equivalent to a good rest on the coast of the exotic island. Aromas of exotic flowers, romantic atmosphere, soft music, flickering candles, fruit and fruit juice, chocolate fondue (the most romantic dish that unites lovers), attention and care of our masters from Bali, India and Thailand will take you to a completely different world, on distant exotic island. You will be able to take a fresh look at your relationship with your loved one.

The proposed complex includes the combined effect of the gradual healing properties: Thai massage, sauna (with healing salt wall), peeling, relaxation restorative massage at 4 hands, facial and foot massage (a gift from the Spa).

This spa care carefully designed to harmonize the psycho-emotional background, the ability to restore mental and physical performance, to get rid of chronic fatigue and stress.


  • 60 min. – Shiatsu massage
  • 30 min. – Sauna
  • 45 or 60 minutes – Scrub*
  • 90 min. – Balinese 4 hands massage
  • Fresh orange juice
  • 60 min. – Facial (facial cleansing, scrub, mask, massage)
  • 20 minutes. – Balinese foot massage (a gift from the Spa)


  • 60 min. – Traditional Thai massage
  • 30 min. – Sauna
  • 45 or 60 minutes – Scrub*
  • 90 min. – Indian Abhyanga 4 hands massage
  • Fresh orange juice
  • 60 min. – Facial (facial cleansing, scrub, mask, massage)
  • 20 minutes. – Indian foot massage (a gift from the Spa)

In conclusion of our romantic couple program, in a private romantic setting, you get the pleasure of communicating with each other, enjoying a chocolate fondue with a plate of fresh fruit, a bottle of champagne or wine (your choice) and an elite Chinese tea.

Depending on the choice of scrubs, this procedure is performed for 45 minutes or 60 minutes (this time also includes time to shower). If you are choosing the organic cream based scrub which origins from Thailand (we have varieties of scubs) that is going to take 45 minutes. If you are choosing one of the Balinese powder scrubs (the ingredients are only made from natural plants) that is going to take 60 minutes.


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