From the Spa menu we offer our guests more than 40 kinds of amazing health and medical massage techniques and Spa treatments from around the world performed by highly skilled professionals from Bali island and Java. Range of beauty services for the face and body use natural Balinese, Thai, Chinese as well as western cosmetics.

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30 ′45 ′60 ′75 ′90 ′120 ′180 ′
Balinese oil massage8,50010,50012,50013,50014,50017,50029,500
Javanese therapeutic massage13,40014,30015,50018,50031,700
Javanese Jamu oil massage12,70013,70014,70017,800
Balinese Blend massage8,50010,50012,50013,50014,50017,500
Balinese head massage5,9008,20011,00013,700
Balinese balm foot massage5,9006,9007,9009,30010,500
   +Foot Bath (With Chinese herbal medicine, foam, rose petals)9,40010,80012,50014,500
   +Foot bath and SPA (Scrub & Mask)11,90012,90015,900
Royal foot Spa massage with herbal ball “5 Elements”15,50017,500
Balinese hot herbal ball compress & oil massage14,80015,80018,800
Hot stone chakra massage with oil14,70015,70018,900
Indian Marma massage13,60014,60015,60018,600
Indian Abhyanga massage10,50012,50013,50014,50017,500
Indian Relaxing oil massage12,50013,50014,50017,500
Indian head massage with Shirodhara15,500
Philippine “Ventoza” massage12,50013,50014,500
Aroma oil massage14,50015,50016,50019,500
Hawaiian oil massage (Lomi-lomi)12,50013,50014,50017,500
Beer massage12,90014,20015,50018,200
Royal harmony 4 hand oil massage17,50019,90024,90028,900
Swedish oil massage12,50013,50014,50017,500
Traditional Thai massage6,5007,5008,90010,70011,80014,500
Shiatsu massage11,50012,90013,90016,900
All prices in HUF


30 ′
Finnish sauna3,000
All prices in HUF

For couples

120 ′150 ′180 ′240 ′350 ′
“EAST + EAST” 71,900
All prices in HUF

Children massages

30 ′45 ′60 ′75 ′90 ′
Balinese oil massage for children (2-12 years)3,5005,5007,5009,50011,500
All prices in HUF

Weight Loss Programs

60 ′75 ′90 ′120 ′
Balinese slimming oil massage14,50015,90018,500
Beer massage12,90014,20015,50018,200
All prices in HUF

SPA packages

120 ′150 ′180 ′270 ′300 ′
“Chocolate Dream”32,20035,30037,700
“Bali – a heavenly delight”38,000
“The Legend of the East”46,600
“Comme il faut” from head to toe49,700
“Sultan” – Spa package for man52,900
All prices in HUF