Moxa therapy

Warming Wormwood is as known as in ancient times: sagebrush-grass, God's tree, witch grass, cure against 100 diseases ... Birds use this herb to protect her chicks from the parasites in their nests. In old legends wormwood is miraculous and magical - the smell of the herb is able to kick out of the house almost every evil It has the property to restore our harmony with nature. Wormwood also has a reputation for sanitary facilities. Anciently it was fumigated to infectious patients and facilities during the wars and epidemics, as a disinfectant it was used even in cholera. But the most unusual properties of wormwood have been identified and used by the Chinese and Tibetan healers in their methods, which is now known as the jiu-therapy or moxa therapy - reflex zones of the body are burnt by sagebrush cigars. The essence of the procedure is that the acupressure points on the body surface warmed by the glow tip sagebrush cigars or with smoldering cone of dry sagebrush. There are several methods of moxibustion. The first way is called a non-contact heating. In this case, a smoldering cigar is brought to the desired point by a distance of 1.5-2 cm and each point is heated for 2-3 minutes, a maximum of 5 minutes. With a high efficiency of this method of treatment is practically not damage the body surface, there is only a slight redness* that quickly passes.

The second way when therapist places a medium (a handful of salt, a slice of ginger, a slice of garlic, etc.) between the skin and the lit up moxa cone until the moxa burns out. During direct moxibution practitioner places a small cone-shaped of moxa directly on the skin at the acupuncture point and lights it up and until the moxa cone burns out, more than one cone of moxa may be applied as treatment plan requirs. The method of heating depends on the type of disease.

Regions and acupuncture points are warmed by moxa with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. In addition, the smoke of burning wormwood has antibacterial properties.

Cauterization of points is differing in two types. The first is indicating the disease. They are detected by palpation (palpation) of the patient. When the doctor presses fingers on these points the patient feels pain or opposite a pleasant feeling ("pleasant pain").  These points correspond to the vascular diseases, from which other diseases come. Second comes the points, which are known by only the doctor. These points correspond to dense and hollow organs.

* During the session it is better watch your feelings. We all have different sensitivity to warming, and in the case of feeling more burning or discomfort, please report to your doctor.