Gua Sha therapy

We can translate the name of Gua Sha as "to scrape away pain". Therapeutic scraping Gua Sha is one method of reflexology, used in Chinese medicine. A small plate of horn or stone is used during this type of massage, which is treated with certain areas (meridians) that include different points on the body, face and head.

Thus, the method is similar in action to the classic point massage and the use of needles. The impact of this massage can be on fairly large therapeutic areas.

Instrumental irritation fields of cutaneous receptors send a strong recovery momentum in the damaged organs and tissues that are in direct projection "irritating" the skin.

Irritation of the skin of back, abdomen, neck and other parts of the body can produce an accurate diagnosis of internal injuries due to the emergence of a specific pattern of cutaneous lesions in the projection room.

This phenomenon can also monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Restoration of microcirculation of the suffering member leads in most cases to a complete restoration (or significant improvement) of functions without the use of a specific medication. Gua Sha massage improves metabolic processes in the skin and removes toxins.

It is very effective in osteochondrosis, colds, bronchitis, cholecystitis, has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It is used to prevent disease, for medical purposes.