Cup massage

Vacuum therapy or cupping massage is one of the most effective methods which are not medical physiological recovery of the body - acts by mobilizing the body's own resources. Vacuum therapy activates the peripheral circulation, improves skin nutrition, and removes congestion in the tissues, the yield on the surface of the skin and toxic oxidized products. The vacuum causes local blood flow and lymph flow to the skin depth of the underlying tissue, which has a reflex effect on the blood vessels of internal organs. In addition, on the effects produced biologically active substances that stimulate the metabolic and regenerative processes. The skin becomes elastic, increases its resistance to temperature and mechanical factors, improves contractile function of muscles, increasing their tone, elasticity, and mobility of ligaments. It dramatically increases metabolism in the subcutaneous fat. A lymph-draining effect of massage reduces swelling, which is a necessary condition for the treatment of cellulite.

The effect of the vacuum is an allocation of the extract of the sebaceous and sweat glands which include urea, acetone, and bile acids. They are in certain concentrations toxics, but with this therapy it is possible to clean your body from them.