Acupuncture is synonymous with such treatments as reflexology, needle therapy, and Zhen-chiu therapy. During acupuncture the doctor treats patients by manipulating thin, solid needles that have been inserted into well-defined points on the surface of the body.

On the body 664 points are known and acupuncture specialist chooses one or other of them, depending on the nature of the disease. These "active" points differ from adjacent skin areas in a number of features: higher pain sensitivity, a high level of metabolism, higher electric potential and low electro-resistance.

Acupuncture needles are made of metal, with length from 1 to 12 cm and a thickness of 0.3-0.45 mm. With the introduction of needles into these points there are aches, bloating, a feeling of the current flow, which provides a measure of the accuracy of therapy. Needles are inserted either slow rotation or rapid puncture, or after a quick prick of the needle into the fabric deepen slow rotation. Acupuncture needles are left in the body for 15-30 minutes.

The therapy of acupuncture consists of 5-20 such sessions, conducted every other day or every day, then a 10-20 days long break is needed, after which the course may be repeated. Effect of acupuncture is due to moderate irritation of the sensory nerve branches of the skin, muscles and blood vessels.

Acupuncture stimulates and regulates the activities of the nervous system, improves reflex nervous control and power of organs and tissues, changes production of hormones and bioactive substances.

This method has a curative effect in many diseases:

  • of peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, neuritis, including facial nerve neuritis, radiculitis)
  • in certain diseases of the central nervous system (chorea, epilepsy, residual effects of polio)
  • diseases of the autonomic nervous and vascular system
  • trophic and secretory disorders in functional diseases of the nervous system (neurasthenia, psychasthenia)
  • a number of internal diseases (gastroenteritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, asthma, etc.)
  • in rheumatoid arthritis, allergic conditions, menstrual irregularities
  • there is  treatment of certain acute infectious diseases

Acupuncture is contraindicated in diseases that require urgent surgical intervention: appendicitis, bleeding from internal organs, abnormal births, cancer, etc.