"Thai cocktail" massage

Thai_blend_oil_massageThai_blend_oil_massage_1Thai_blend_oil_massage_2Thai_blend_oil_massage_3A wonderful mixture of the two oldest massage techniques - traditional Thai and Thai oil massage in one cocktail. A marvellous combination of Thai yoga massage, acupressure, soft manual therapy and muscle massage.

What is interesting this massage?

Firstly, of course, the traditional for Thai massage deep pressure on the muscle tissue, passive exercises that resemble yoga poses, reflexology, stretching, opening the joints, activating the flow of life energy in the body and acupressure. All this, of course, very good for health, it’s gives the flexibility and lightness to your body, you feel more energetic. But sometimes it is a bit tedious, and after the massage you feel like after playing sports or physical work. Yes, it is a pleasant fatigue, and many people likes it. But there is apossibility to vary your experience, add new notes, and at the same time enjoy a traditional Thai massage and Thai oil massage at the same time.

What is included in this massage? What do you feel during and after the massage?

This massage is do without clothing, one time use underpants. The therapist starts the procedure as a normal Thai massage with a relaxing foot pressure and specific points on foot, responsible for overall body relaxation. After that therapist smoothly and rhythmically, as in dance, continues to move up, relaxing the all body and prepares you for the massage. Then, all of your body, part by part master is working in turn by all the canons of Thai massage, but finish she gently add massage oil and continue makes Thai oil massage. Finally, a wonderful relaxing head and face massage (want these feelings last forever). At the end a therapist again will strech your body and all of your vertebraes will fall into the place. This massage will relieve you from stress, general fatigue, you get a lot of positive emotions and good mood, deep relaxation and immersion in eastern Thai Spa philosophy to you is guaranteed.

As a result, received a massage in the human body are observed:

  • increased blood circulation , warming the muscle tissue ;
  • improving the efficiency of the muscles, stress relief, detoxification ;
  • deep relaxed breathing ;
  • tone stimulation of the nervous system ;
  • restore well-being and relieve fatigue ;
  • improve blood flow and skin and many more.


  • acute colds and infections with fever ;
  • recently transferred injury and surgery ;
  • any chronic disease in the acute phase ;
  • cancer;
  • varicose veins ;
  • skin diseases ;
  • severe rheumatic diseases,
  • severe mental illness ;
  • pregnancy ;

In the presence of diseases of the spine must notify the administrator salon and massage therapist.

You can choose 3 variants of this massage - soft, medium or strong (for beginners we recommend a soft or medium). If you do this massage as a course, you can dispose of all back pain and muscle pain for a long time! Recommended time of massage - 90 min., or 120 min.

After the massage, the traditional tea drinking of your choice of several elite sorts Chinese tea.


"Thai cocktail" massage

75 min12,900 HUF
90 min13,900 HUF
120 min16,500 HUF
180 min27,900 HUF

Happy hours

We offer Happy Hour discount to all guests of the "5 Elements SPA" salon. From Monday to Thursday from 10:00-14:00 hours, we offer 10% discount on any type of our massages, facial or body treatments of our menu!