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What is SPA?

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Many believe that the word "spa" comes from the Latin abbreviation  ‘sanus per aquam’ means ‘health through water’. However, this version is wrong, because he word "spa" comes from the name of the Belgian town Spaa, which became famous throughout Europe for its healing waters. So it's good to write uppercase the first letter in the word. Over time, it became a popular word, and began to be used to refer to spa (spa treatment) procedures or concomitant phenomena. In the 80’s ‘Day Spa’ got to be known by Americans - people spend whole days for various lengthy treatments such as massages and facials designed in Spa Salons.

Today Spa treatment program is known as a set of procedures and of course the use of any water  and its components: mineral, marine, freshwater, seaweed, salt, mud and medicinal plants. Spa treatments are aimed at relaxation of the whole body. Acting through the skin, spa components stimulate the metabolism, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and waste products from the body and improve overall health. After the treatment, the skin is extremely soft and supple, toned and gets saturated with energy.




We offer to your attention some great spa programs.

You can choose and make a spa program by using our menu. But if you have difficulty with the choice, contact us and we will help you to make an exclusive spa program made just for you, given your mood and personality, with choosing the best therapists fitting on your energy.

"Chocolate Dream"

This is a comprehensive, calming and soothing anti-stress treatment that includes Thai chocolate scrub and mask for a total of 90 minutes and at the end of a relaxing Balinese chocolate aroma oil massage 30, 60 or 90 minutes (at your request). Chocolate is not just a product of our diet and the favourite dainty for sweet tooth, it is also an excellent...

"Bali - a heavenly delight"

Indulge in the pleasure and enjoy excellent spa program "Bali - a heavenly delight." This is a comprehensive approach to beauty and health, body and soul. The program includes a 90-minute...

"The Legend of the East"

Forget, at least temporarily, about everyday worries and problems. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of eastern hospitality and harmony with our new program, "The Legend of the East." The program includes a 60-minute Balinese oil massage, 90 minute Balinese scrub and mask with wrapping of seaweed extracts or chocolate (at your request), 30 minute Balinese foot massage and 60 minute facial treatment, including a Thai scrub, mask and massage bio-cream (Dr. Spiller). Complimentary! During the procedure of wraps we offer our guests a 15-25 minute Thai relaxing head massage.

"Comme il faut" from head to toe

Comme il faut means in French: as it should be; proper; fitting. To look “comme il faut”, you have to take care of not only your clothes, hair styles but your face, body, and, of course, soul. Therefore, we offer a program that includes spa treatments for the whole body from head to toe. "Comme il faut” is our longest spa treatment, including...

"Sultan" - Spa package for man

If you want to feel like a Sultan - this program is for you! The highly professional hands of oriental therapists and the sounds of melodic music will sink you into a world of tranquility and ...