Royal harmony 4 hand oil massage

This is perhaps the most amazing relaxing massage; the four magical dancing hands on your body allow you to immerse yourself in deep relaxation. Massage is performed with warm oil, preheated by candlelight. The caring hands of experts work together on the back and the legs, or one therapist makes massage on the back, and the other works on the feet.

This technique is enabling to relieve stress and tiredness and to relax. The effect of the 4 hands massage is not only because you get two massages in one time, the secret lies in the physiology of the human body. Our brain works as long as the therapist massages us we cannot help watching her hands. But, if there are two masseurs, the brain cannot distribute long attention on two areas of the body, so just 15-20 minutes and the body will be really completely relaxed. You will not be able to catch all of the therapists; you have to be difficult to understand: there is one or two masseurs.

During the procedure it is crucial to be coherence between the two therapists. They have to both begin and complete the study of an area. Besides professional skills, mutual understanding of the two masters is also very important.

There is not only the unforgettable feeling!


4 hands massage:

  • Reduces the symptoms of stress and fatigue
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Removes of excess fluid
  • Restores tissue elasticity
  • Improves joint mobility and elasticity of the ligaments
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Lowers blood pressure


  • Viral infections that occur in the acute stage
  • Pregnancy
  • Excessively high body temperature (fever state)
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema), inflammatory and suppurative processes
  • Diseases of the blood and blood vessels (varicose veins, blood clots in the blood)
  • The presence of human tumors (benign and malignant)


Royal harmony 4 hand oil massage

60 min17,500 HUF
75 min19,900 HUF
90 min24,900 HUF
120 min28,900 HUF

Happy hours

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