Traditional Balinese therapeutic massage

Balinese traditional massageBalinese massage therapy - is an ancient healing technique, which was used by Balinese healers in the most remote parts of the island of Bali for centuries. And now, when people live in separated villages of the island, in most cases they do not use the achievements of modern medicine, so they turnin to traditional healers. This method of healing can not be learned in massage schools, graduated from the masseur course. All secrets of this technique is inherited from generation to generation, mainly through the female line.
The massage is done without oil, on a naked body. The massage technique is very unusual and combines soft probing, kneading and deep pressure (which can be painful sometimes). Master gently presses fingers the whole body, and diagnoses the possible diseases. During the massage, the master can detect diseases that still do not manifest themselves,therefore difficult to diagnose by Western medicine.
But it should be noted that this massage has a therapeutic effect, you will feel unusual lightness and freedom of movements throughout the body, as it should be after a good massage.
The duration of this helpful massage can be from 1 hour to 4. The optimal time session lasts 2 hours, but it is different in each case is and depends on the number of problematic areas or disease/s.
In our salon we have only one lady who knows traditional Balinese massage therapy. And she is really high-class professional. Techniques and secrets of this massage she is given by her grandmother (who is a high level shaman and healer).

This massage can be done in the cases of:

  • muscular hypertonicity (abnormal muscle tension, spasms, cramps)
  • muscle pain
  • back pain
  • lumbago
  • swelling of various etiologies
  • tense anxiety
  • depressive states
  • increased irritability
  • aggressiveness and etc.

The main contraindications are:

  • dermatitis
  • high temperature
  • inflammation of various etiologies
  • oncology
  • recent surgery on internal organs
  • early pregnancy



Traditional Balinese therapeutic massage

60 min13,400 HUF
75 min14,300 HUF
90 min15,500 HUF
120 min18,500 HUF
180 min31,700 HUF

Happy hours

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