Finnish sauna


Bath ablutions and general temperature effects, especially thermal, is a wonderful means of disease prevention, restoration of working capacity and good cheer of the body.

Finnish sauna - a bath of dry steam at a temperature of 90-100 ° C of air and humidity - 15%. In our Finnish sauna, which is made of high quality wood Abashi, there are salt walls. The combination of these two components provides a terrific health effect to the body. Jonah salt, saturating the air of the room, providing a great benefit the skin and the respiratory tract. To breathe the salt is not only helpful, but also very nice. Hot steam of Finnish sauna is good warms the lungs and opens the pores of the skin, thereby eliminating the various viral respiratory diseases and skin inflammations, and the addition of various aromatic and medicinal additives further increases the healing effect. Sauna reduces pain and speeds up the regeneration of the skin.

Sauna - it's really a great start any spa treatment or massage.


Finnish sauna

30 min3,000 HUF

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